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Cross-Country Trip Part 2: Texas & New Mexico

After we left Mississippi it was on to Texas!  I personally love Texas with its cowboy culture and southern charm.  We went to Galveston first because we wanted to visit our dear friend Susie.  Galveston is a special/emotional place for us because it is where we had our last family trip with my Dad and also where he passed.  We just stayed there for one night, but we had a great visit with Susie and it was nice to be in Galveston again.  There is a lot of history in that town; not to mention they have great restaurants and shopping!

Austin was next on the list; it was a place I had been wanting to visit for a while!  Mom and I hit the town and walked around a bit before grabbing some fish tacos and margaritas on 6th street.  The next morning we went to a yoga class at Wanderlust Yoga.  I would highly recommend this studio.  We attended a beautiful class with live music and a unique flow.  I felt great afterwards.  They also have a coffee/juice bar so I was extra happy.

A pit stop deep in the heart of Texas

After a long drive through the flatlands of Texas, we entered New Mexico.  We were both very excited to arrive in Santa Fe.  We stayed in this cute Casita within walking distance of the town center.  We went to a delicious farm to table restaurant for dinner called Fire & Hops – soooooo good.  Mom and I loved everything we ordered.  The next morning we walked to the town square and had some breakfast.  Then we wandered around checking out the many art-galleries, shops, outdoor markets, and historic sites.  We wanted to stay longer because there was so much to see, but we wanted to get to the Grand Canyon so we decided to head out.  We caught an EPIC sunset with a full moon rising behind us.  We had to pull over and get a few pics:

Epic Sunset
Full Moon Rising

Next stop – GRAND CANYON!

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