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I’m Still Here / Cross-Country Trip Part 1

Wow, it has been a long time since i posted anything on here.  The past year was full of change for me!  Between traveling, moving to California, and starting a new job, it was difficult for me to make time for my blog.  But no more excuses.  I will be sharing some experiences from the past year and I have lots of fun adventures coming up this summer.

I’m going to kick off 2017 (yes, it’s April) with the cross-country trip i took with my Mom this time last year:

We started out driving down to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi.  Some family friends have a house down there and they graciously offered to let us stay.  The house was lovely (and close to the ocean).  Our favorite part was the big screened in back porch with a porch swing.  We spent most of our time there…doing yoga, drinking wine, and swinging.  The town was super cute..lots of little restaurants/cafes, antique and art shops, and lovely southern flare.  Mom and i thought about driving into New Orleans for a day, but we were having such a relaxing time, we decided to chill and enjoy ourselves.

Best Porch Ever
Mama Latte
Despite the conservative nature of the south, we were pleasantly surprised to see signs in several local shops that said “All Are Welcome Here”. This was right after Mississippi’s governor signed into law a bill that allows businesses to refuse services to gay couples based on religious objections.

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