Thoughts on 2020

2020: Where do we even start? I have really been trying to put things in perspective. When the pandemic got bad in the US and the stay-at-home issues were ordered, obviously it was difficult for everyone. For me, as a stay-at-home Mom, things were different, but not TOO different. I was still at home with my child taking care of him while my husband worked from home, but I quickly realized how much outings and social interaction bring a bit more ease and positivity to the day-to-day with a toddler. Suddenly, no more toddler classes, swim classes, play dates, or playground visits. Insert crying emoji. The first month or so I was having a hard time mentally and emotionally. There was a point when I talked it out with my husband and I felt like I crossed a bridge: This is how it is right now and we have to try to be positive and make the best of it and move forward.

Before the pandemic, we were thinking about moving to Oklahoma City to be closer to family. We even put an offer in on a house and then retracted it when we realized it wasn’t the one. Looking back I am glad we were still in California this year. We found a new appreciation for the house we live in, our backyard, and the West Coast weather. We eventually got into a groove. There will always be good days and bad days, but when the bad days came, I tried to remind myself how blessed I was. I would think of the healthcare and frontline workers who had to keep working in very difficult conditions. I would think of how I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and my family safe at home with me. Even though I have not seen first-hand a crowded hospital with healthcare workers overwhelmed, tired, mentally drained, and people dying at an alarming pace, I know that has been happening and is STILL happening and I will be forever grateful for those people.

Being grateful and aware of what you do have is key, but it is also ok to be upset, sad, and disappointed….to FEEL your feelings. Just don’t get lost in those negative ones. Don’t go down a rabbit hole. One thing my family really missed this year was travel. We had to cancel a couple trips earlier in the year and I was super bummed. So I let myself be bummed for a bit, then moved on. Luckily, we live in Southern California and there are so many amazing places you can drive to and still keep your distance from people and stay safe. We went to Napa, Yosemite, and did some camping. Those little trips meant so much to us because we had been cooped up in our house for so long, it was heaven to just be in another place (and beautiful places at that).

I really think this year was meant to be a reset…for the entire world. I know we don’t know for sure exactly where the virus came from, but I think it makes sense that it came from a wet or wildlife market where wild animals are often mistreated and butchered. I am not an animal activist, but I am aware. I stopped eating most meat after I did my yoga training in 2015. I do eat fish and I will have a bite of organic good quality meat once in a while, so I am not a vegan or vegetarian purist by any means, but I think good ole’ Mother Nature might have been trying to tell us something. We need to take a step back and look at how we are treating other living things…animals and the planet itself. The earth needed a break. After everything closed down, the skies were bluer and the air was cleaner than it had been in a long time. I always appreciate nature, but I think many people had a newfound appreciation for nature and the outdoors this year. Sometimes it was the only escape we had. I thought of all the people in NYC or cities who were stuck in their tiny apartments with nowhere to go and no outdoor space. If I had to spend quarantine in my old (very small) NYC apartment, I may have lost my mind. So kudos to all of you!

On top of the global pandemic, we had natural disasters galore, a divided country (politically), and the Black Lives Matter movement. I am grateful that the majority of my family and friends are woke (STAY WOKE) and are doing their research and educating themselves on what is happening around us. When it comes down to it, we are all in this together. We need to support each other and lift each other up…protect each other and keep each other safe. We are now seeing so much hope and promise to start getting back to “normal.” I know we have a long road ahead, but I think we will all have a newfound appreciation for ‘the little things’… hanging out with a group of people, going to a concert or event, going to a yoga class or the gym (what I would give for an in-person yoga class), seeing family, flying on an airplane…shall I go on?

Overall, I know it has been a tough year, but it has challenged all of us, made us stronger, and given us a new appreciation for the everyday things we normally take for granted. In this new year, I’m hoping and manifesting that we will get this virus under control and we can start to see a bit of normalcy. I am looking forward to having a new president, who doesn’t only care about himself. I am excited to welcome a new baby boy into the world in May. And I’m excited to see the world change for the better…because it will, but we all have to be a part of that. Sending peace, blessings, good vibes, and all the other words of positivity to you and all living things.

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